Sound wave Jacket

As part of the Noble People x Che Lingo collaboration, Abigail Fletcher has crafted a unique conceptual garment, using Che Lingo’s music and identity as inspiration for every element of the design. Drawing on Abigail’s own practice, she has transformed the sound waves of Che Lingo’s single ’Better Versions’ into complex and unique patterns. These are engraved onto the fabric of the jacket, creating a wearable piece of music singular to Che Lingo. In this garment, analogue and digital formats combine with modern fashion practices through considered use of laser cutting and embroidery. The jacket’s silhouette both references current trends in high fashion and streetwear hybrids, and stands alone as a bespoke shape created for Che Lingo alone.

Abigail’s individual practice has been developing around the idea of Cymatics, the study of visible sound, and her most recent work explores this through a variety of media and processes. Through her techniques, vastly different patterns emerge, growing from the frequency of the music. These are music made into physical form. Abigail’s collaboration with Che Lingo demonstrates the striking results that can be possible when music and design are brought together.

Photographs taken by Joseph Reddy and Louis Schreyer







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