Merchandise Vol. 1

Confident yet discrete in style, Noble People’s limited-edition range of merchandise is the result of a collaborative effort to bring our aesthetic vision into the realm of fashion. The collection is an embodiment of combined efforts across creative disciplines, bringing together design from Carolina Fernandez, Abigail Fletcher, Axel Lagerborg, Nnamdi Obiekwe and Francesca Corrieri, and features a selection of unique tote bags handpainted by artist Ted Targett. Having evolved alongside the curation of our first exhibition, the collection represents our belief that the creative spheres of art and fashion are symbiotically entwined. With simple, clean shapes and a subtle, considered colour palette inspired by the work of our artist collaborators, the versatility of our garment range demonstrates how easily the worlds of art, design and fashion can move into the realm of everyday life.

Bad Decisions Vol. 1

Noble People have produced their first in-house publication. It comes as the first issue in quarterly series “Bad Decisions”.

Joining forces with 14 established artists across the globe, the compendium contains a compilation of reflective and honest artworks related to current affairs and contemporary issues, from Trump’s victory and Brexit, to consumerism, celebrity culture, and more.

Lunch Money Exhibition

Noble People will be presenting an exhibition at Schöneberg’s Mainoeuvre Gallery, opening 9th June for 2 weeks. Drawing on a plethora of mediums – illustration, poetry, photography and more, Noble People will present a true group exhibition with over 20 international artists.

Taking influence from the inclusivity of Berlin’s subculture, their aim is to present an opposition to the traditional gallery aesthetic. Here, they will be curating an unrefined presentation with no canvases, or frames; the maximal amount of artworks; and an unapologetic reference to an artist’s initial ideas and thoughts.

The exhibition will present some of the most intimate moments of these artists’ creativity – their undisturbed thoughts, words, doodles, sketchbook pages and more will all be on display.

Lunch Money will also challenge how viewers navigate a modern exhibition, with all artworks purchasable right off the wall.


Noble People x Fete Records

DMV is the first overarching documentation of the burgeoning rap scene in the DMV, an area comprised of Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, that’s famous for its cultural and ethnic diversity.

The 25-minute project identifies the legacy of the go-go genre and its lasting impact on the local urban music scene, namely its use of live bands, unyielding work ethic, and its preference for soulful and uplifting beats paired with heartfelt lyricism.

Bruno Verhaar – Decide To (Official Video)

Bruno Verhaar and Abigail Fletcher collaborate to bring you the visuals for Bruno’s latest track, Decide To.

Exploring the field of Cymatics, Abigail has worked extensively on the study of making sound visible. Here, she uses the track to form the patterns and textures that appear.

Directed and edited by Abigail Fletcher; Additional Filming by Joseph Reddy and Louis Schreyer

Constructed Horizon

In this inaugural project for Noble People, Joseph Reddy captures the arid desert of Rajasthan, India. The debris, both physical and metaphorical, of industrialisation is

Sin Pena

Schreyer’s latest series of works explores the social and political paradigms in Cuba following its somewhat recent movement towards a more open economy. The fine art photographer ventured to the most remote parts of the country in order to capture the true face and voice of the island. Much of the project was defined through his work away from the camera, spending much time with locals and trying to integrate himself into deeper roots of Cuban thinking and its way of life. Only here was he able to identify the real trends of society and the distinction between how tourists perceive Cuba, as opposed to its inhabitants.

Schreyer’s series, consisting of photographs embedded into a wider visual essay, identifies the polarisation of individuals’ perception of ‘self’
and ‘other’, and how this inherently contradicts a system predicated
on socialism. As a result, the artist is not surprised by Cuba’s recent attempts at integration into the world economy. However, his work questions what effect it may have on its culture, people and spirit.

Better Versions Video

As part of the collaboration, Noble People x Che Lingo, the crowning feature finally gets released… the music video of Che Lingo’s “Better Versions”. This video was produced, directed, filmed and edited by our in-house film team, Louis Schreyer, Joseph Reddy and Undine Markus.

It was premiered by Complex UK

From A Dream

From A Dream highlights just how multifaceted Schreyer’s vision is. Here, the fine artist showcases an interactive installation piece. An apparent CCTV camera is mounted watching its dedicated space and printing the recorded onto a continuous reel of paper. Inspired by a dream of his close friend, the artist was overwhelmed by how extensive the impact of surveillance is, particularly on the subconscious, and how its pervasiveness redefines conceptions of privacy. The visible mass of paper increasingly collecting underneath the camera introduces a revelation on the viewer, materialising data that is commonly ignored and rendered passive.

At Home

Bruno Verhaar releases his first single. At Home is a bass heavy journey across the producer’s glitchy soundscape. Acting as lead single from soon-to-be-released debut EP, Bruno HTML, At Home is an outstanding introduction to Bruno’s glittering sound palette.

At Home was premiered by Underground Charisma: