Louis Schreyer

With talents spanning interaction design, film and fine art photography, Louis Schreyer’s recent work has been aimed at revealing the social constructs that permeate western society, as well as the unsettling and self-imposed system of the modern state. Hailing from Bavaria, Germany, the Brixton-local has explored his talents in documentaries, music videos and installation, collaborating with artists from various disciplines in the UK and continental Europe.  


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    From A Dream

    From A Dream highlights just how multifaceted Schreyer’s vision is. Here, the fine artist showcases an interactive installation piece. An apparent CCTV camera is mounted watching its dedicated space and printing the recorded onto a continuous reel ...

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    Sin Pena

    Schreyer’s latest series of works explores the social and political paradigms in Cuba following its somewhat recent movement towards a more open economy. The fine art photographer ventured to the most remote parts of the country in order to capture...

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    Better Versions Video

    As part of the collaboration, Noble People x Che Lingo, the crowning feature finally gets released... the music video of Che Lingo's "Better Versions". This video was produced, directed, filmed and edited by our in-house film team, Louis Schreyer, Jo...

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    At Home Video

    At Home acts as the music video for the EP, and is a reverb heavy journey through Bruno’s glitchy musical landscape. Bruno’s brutish bass leads the way for a catchy distorted vocal, whilst his synths consistently twinkle over the top. The video, ...