‘Patina’ is the result of a collaboration between fashion designer Carolina Fernandez and one of our in-house fashion team, Abigail Fletcher. In line with the organic growth of the processes used in this piece, the creative direction is an extension of the separate practices of both designers. The manipulation of materials and spontaneity of reactions both complement and juxtapose each other – a product of artistic collaboration. Much like the body itself develops and transforms with time, the copper structures of this architectural garment blossom gradually into a texture both natural yet controlled.

Fletcher’s interest in the intersection between science and design, and Fernandez’s intricate yet bold silhouettes combine to create a hybrid of contemporary fashion design at its most cutting edge. Bringing their practices together, the piece draws on their individual strengths and design identities. Here, Fernandez has transformed traditional macramé techniques into strikingly modern forms that both work with and resist the human body, playing against conservative notions of fashion to defy the viewer’s expectations. Complementing and contrasting the rigidity of this structure, Fletcher’s material expertise and longstanding work with the oxidisation process creates fantastical textures that test the limits of material properties. Her technique invigorates static materials with life and reactive movement.

The collaboration process is showcased most strongly in this conflict between solidity and growth, structure and transition, brought together by the intense craftwork involved in its creation.




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