Lunch Money Exhibition

Noble People Presents… Lunch Money

Noble People will be presenting an exhibition at Schöneberg’s Mainoeuvre Gallery, opening 9th June for 2 weeks. Drawing on a plethora of mediums – illustration, poetry, photography and more, Noble People will present a true group exhibition with over 20 international artists.

Taking influence from the inclusivity of Berlin’s subculture, their aim is to present an opposition to the traditional gallery aesthetic. Here, they will be curating an unrefined presentation with no canvases, or frames; the maximal amount of artworks; and an unapologetic reference to an artist’s initial ideas and thoughts.

The exhibition will present some of the most intimate moments of these artists’ creativity – their undisturbed thoughts, words, doodles, sketchbook pages and more will all be on display.

Lunch Money will also challenge how viewers navigate a modern exhibition, with all artworks purchasable right off the wall.

Opening party | 9th June @ 8PM

Artists featured:

Dominic Myatt
Tim Head
Bradley Pinkerton
Ryan Hawaii
Daisy Watson
Ricardo Passaporte
Lucas Christiansen
Axel Lagerborg
Louis Schreyer
Lavinia Fasano
Matthew E. Lord
Sandra Ebert
Joe Ferraro
Ted Targett
Sang Woo Kim
Anton Synytsia
Jan Robert Dünnweller
Ethan Reeves
Darius Rodrigues
Parrr Geng
Amy Douglas Morris
Kevin Uchiha

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