Constructed Horizon

In this inaugural project for Noble People, Joseph Reddy captures the arid desert of Rajasthan, India. The debris, both physical and metaphorical, of industrialisation is the common visual theme in his landscapes, illustrated by images of machinery isolated from human presence. This specific site was owned by a German company, which has left shadows of foreign activity over an otherwise barren landscape. Husks of once-powerful machinery appear devoid of meaning against a landscape seemingly exhausted of its human usage.

The latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates correlate with their visual counterparts, yet also juxtapose the decontextualisation of these structures through a reinforcement of context. As a collection, Reddy’s pieces aim to underline the deception of modernisation and its industrial embodiments. However, this emphatic message is tempered by the beauty in the emptiness of his depopulated landscapes, which are still and peaceful after the death of industry.

Exhibited in: Noble People Vol. 1, Noble People Vol. 1.5