Bruno HTML

Bruno Verhaar


Noble People are excited to introduce Amsterdam-based producer Bruno Verhaar, with his debut EP “Bruno HTML”. It is an electrifying 6-track ep, bounding its way through heavy basslines, glitches and broken samples – with inspiration coming from the internet and video gaming, which Bruno has been immersed in as a member of generation Y; Bruno’s production is triumphant in the way it envelops the sounds of the digital age.

Also available on Spotify and Apple Music

  1. Access 
  2. At Home
  3. Undrcut
  4. Suffocate (feat. Jonah) [Interlude]
  5. Grand Arson
  6. Canal City


Executive Produced by Nnamdi Obiekwe
Mixed by Robert Braileanu
Mastered by Bob Macc (SC Mastering)
Artwork by Axel Lagerborg