Bad Decisions Vol. 1

Available here

Noble People have produced their first in-house publication. It comes as the first issue in quarterly series “Bad Decisions”.

Joining forces with 14 established artists across the globe, the compendium contains a compilation of reflective and honest artworks related to current affairs and contemporary issues, from Trump’s victory and Brexit, to consumerism, celebrity culture, and more.

Artists featured: Jean Jullien, Gio Pastori, Ricardo Passaporte, Sang Woo Kim, Will Laren, Thomas Hedger, Tim Head, Daisy Watson (of Daisy Does Tattoos), Jan Melka, Ben Evans, Alice Meteignier, Maison Hefner, Lucien Coycault and Louis Lavedan.

Curated by Noble People co-founder, Axel Lagerborg.

Continuing the practice of series-driven content, the publication aims to centralise the aesthetic and creative approach of the label, as well as function as the foundation for a dialogue between the reader and the artists. As the cover suggests, the content is open to interpretation – we stray away from providing a definitive answer on any issue, leaving whatever dots to be connected by the reader. Hoping to reflect a holistic and international outlook, Noble People have recruited talents from Paris, Berlin, Lisbon, Milan, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, and London to name a few.



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