Above The Pines

Above the Pines regards Reddy’s explorations of Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, a former military base infamous for UFO sightings and its unsettling atmosphere. The 13-piece series, inspired by W.G. Sebald’s novel Rings of Saturn, reflects Reddy’s undying curiosity regarding particular (hi)stories and how they are rooted in their geographical milieus.

As Reddy admits in an interview with the British Journal of Photography, he often focuses on the uncanniness of mundane subjects, and “feels the urge to photograph and then magnify that weirdness to the viewer.” Here again, in similar vein to his previous series “Constructed Horizon”, he brings the subtleties to the forefront in order to address a collective narrative of a place.

Reddy questions the concepts of truth and examines its aura, using the lens to present his conception of Rendlesham Forest and the stories that line its present.


Rendlesham 018


Rendlesham 026

Rendlesham 5 027

Rendlesham 5 028

Rendlesham 5 052

Rendlesham 008

Rendlesham 5 031

Rendlesham 012

Rendlesham 001

Rendlesham 030